My name is Elise- welcome to my blog!


Have you ever wanted to find something special and meaningful for someone but then get so overwhelmed with the process and don’t know where to start? You might then end up getting something spare of the minute that you are not even sure will add value to their lives or you miss the special date completely and don’t get anything at all?


I love the art of gifting but not just with products, with words and experiences too.

A simple hand-made card can mean more to someone these days than more clutter in their lives, especially since the earth needs our help to eradicate all the waste currently clogging it up. But...what if you could gift something they could keep forever? Or something that when it was made and then subsequently used makes little to no impact on our earth? Or something that you made yourself? Imagine the smile on that person’s face!


I don’t really know how this will go but I have a vision, so if you would like to join my journey of being 'thoughtfully considered', I would love to have you and hope that I can inspire or help you in some way or another.

My five categories below will give you a guide as to what is in store for my content.

I will mainly be blogging about Australian and New Zealand brands but occasionally there will be gifts/products from other countries if I deem them worthy, but my main focus is on local.


[ g i f t e d ]

Thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas for family and friends [ h e ] [ s h e ] [ b e b e ]

[ p r o d u c t ]

Products good for us and the earth while also being aesthetically pleasing

[ t h r i f t e d ]

Tips and tricks for living a more eco friendly life

[ s t i t c h e d ]

Inspiration and ‘how to’ stitch things

[ r e c i p e ]

Easy d-i-y recipes

This blog is going to be a little journey for me so I hope any readers that follow along enjoy the process and feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments as I would love to hear from you.

Peace and Love,