• Elise

[ p r o d u c t ] the forever shaver

Silky smooth and great for the environment...

Price. NZ $39.95 ($30-40)

Brand. Albatross

Shipping. NZ $5. Sign up to the naturalthings newsletter for 10% off

Smile from the planet. Priceless

Insta. naturalthingsnz

Buy. Online at www.naturalthings.co.nz

Tips. Go easy if this is your first time using a bladed razor. If you have a bath in your house you could start there. The new blades are sharp and you are likely to snip yourself a little while getting used to it. GO SLOW, trust me. The Natural things website have a great set of instructions worth reading before you dive in.

What is it?

A Double edged Safety Razor [Stainless Steel] no plastic to be seen here. The razor from Natural things Includes 10 free high-quality double-edged razor blades and hemp toiletry bag.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a clean shave and to look after the planet at the same time.

Why did i buy it?

A bathroom item I invested in to rid myself of ever buying a plastic razor ever again. Worth the investment for the planet.

My experience.

I love this razor and the blades last quite a long time, possibly almost 6 months for me but depends how often you shave.

How long did it last?

The razor itself will last me forever so I feel great knowing that I am no longer contributing to more plastic on the earth that takes forever and ever and maybe never? to break down.

My first blade lasted me about 5-6 months. Please ensure you recycle and dispose of the blades safely. I have a local eco store that takes them so look within your community for a safe recycling option.

Replacement blades can be purchased from Natural Things for $2.99 for 10 blades.

After 3 months of use.

I got the hang of this after about 2 months but like I said above in my tips- the key here is to go slow, try and enjoy the moment under the lovely hot running water or soaking in the tub.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

The razor comes in a handy hessian bag for storing and to take travelling. I bought mine awhile ago but remember the natural things order coming wrapped in paper.


A great gift to yourself or if you know a friend still using a plastic razor a gift to help them convert to a more eco friendly shave.

One more thing: This is a lifetime product IF you look after it. I don’t store my razor in the shower and I dry it off after every shave. This prevents rust on the blades and the shaver.

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