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[ r e c i p e ] a cleaning paste that works

Home-made cleaning paste

What is it? A super easy to make cleaning paste that actually works!

Price. Once you have all the ingredients on hand this becomes very cheap to make.


2 cups baking soda

1/2 cup Figgy and Co liquid cleaning soap (or any liquid castile soap)

20 drops essential oil- I like to use Doterra wild orange Essential oil


Put ingredients together into a bowl and stir! Add small amounts of water to loosen the mix as required. Store in an airtight glass container.

Where to buy.

Go to Figgy and Co for their home cleaning liquid soap $19 for 500ml [Figgy and Co use an original technique, with 100% NZ sourced coconut oil, to make this superior castile cleaning soap and it lasts me awhile- The Hopper Home Eco Store stock it for refills. If you are not in NZ look for a superior castile liquid soap. Most places you can find Dr Bronner's which will work the same.

Baking soda - find your closest eco refillable store. Take your jar and fill it up. I like to go to the Hopper Home Eco Shop in Mt Cook Wellington.

Smile from the planet. Priceless

Insta. figgy_and_co

Glass Jar. You can use any glass jar you have to store the paste. I use this 550ml Clip lid glass jar from Kmart as it makes it easy to get out and refill. It will set you back $2.

Why did i make it?

I have been making all my own cleaning products for about 3 years now (inspired by my mum) which has been life changing. Its a process though. It is not only better for you, your pets, children and the environment, it also ends up being very cost effective in the long run. The main bulk ingredients you need for most cleaning products are distilled white vinegar and baking soda. Its that simple.

We have 2 cats and cats are super sensitive to toxic products so I can clean with ease knowing that where ever their paws go (and that is pretty much everywhere! little turds) they are safe. (with cats though be careful with certain essential oils i.e. Eucalyptus and Tea tree- these are not good for them).

I started making this paste when I moved to New Zealand. I was looking for bulk ingredients to make my own laundry detergent and found local company Figgy and Co created by Jane and Aimee who have pulled together suppliers of quality DIY products from around NZ and directly from Figgy and Co to bring this convenience to everyone. A totally down to earth duo. I have been buying their laundry detergent (comes as a refill) since I moved here and will do a post on this when I receive my next order.

[extract taken from the Figgy and Co website]

"We’re Jane & Aimee, two mums from health backgrounds who are looking for a better deal. When it comes to keeping our homes clean and using body products we don’t want the burden of unsafe or untested chemicals, and we don’t want to pay sky high prices for eco products.We have busy homes so its important to us that we can source our natural cleaning supplies from one place for a great price – thats our vision from us to you".

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