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[ p r o d u c t ] stainless steel lunch box

'Ever Eco' Stackable Stainless Steel Lunch Box (bento box 3 piece)

Price. NZ $49.95 AUD $36.95 ($40-50)

Brand. Ever Eco [AUSTRALIAN brand]

Shipping. This will depend on where you buy it. Most online businesses give 10% off for your first purchase with them so this will save some dollars on shipping. Ever eco is quite a popular brand so check out your local shops as you might be able to find it in store to save on shipping costs.

Smile from the planet. Priceless

Insta. ever.eco

Buy. I bought mine from Oh Natural but they don’t seem to have them online anymore. If you are in Australia you can buy it through Ever eco or try The Clean Collective.

What is it?

A stainless steel lunch box

Why did i buy it?

I wanted to invest in a lunch box that wasn’t plastic and that would last me hopefully forever. This one is great as it has 2 layers and a little mini box for snacks. I get people at work all the time eyeing it off and asking where I purchased it from.

My experience. How long did it last?

Not the best for soup as it can be a little leaky. When I have soup I just use a glass jar with tight lid instead of the lunchbox.

I hope this will last me forever and I dont see why it wouldn't.


I am sure you know this already but these are not microwavable!

Did you know that putting plastic containers in the microwave to reheat food is toxic. Basically, heat can cause the BPA and Phthalates in plastics to leach into your food.

Gross! Go stainless steel. If I have something to heat I just move it to a ceramic bowl, not such a big deal.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

My lunchbox arrived in a recyclable cardboard box.


I love it and once you make the switch from plastic containers you will too, I promise.

Ever eco has been around eradicating single use plastic since 2013. They have a lot of products worth investing in so worth a look and there are so many different types of stainless steel lunch boxes not just the one I have.

‘When we became aware of the single-use plastic epidemic and felt so strongly about doing something about it. We looked closely at the products we used everyday and set about finding sustainable alternatives.

Our flagship product, Stainless Steel Drinking Straws were the first of their kind on the Australian market and continue to be one of our best-sellers to this day.

We are passionate about making this world a better place and our goal is to inspire people to live a healthier life while raising awareness of sustainable options that are kinder to our planet. We also believe that living a low waste lifestyle shouldn't be difficult or expensive.

Our philosophy is to choose well and make it last.

Little changes make a big difference, with our reusable solutions replacing thousands of single-use products’.

(extract from Ever eco website)

I want to purchase these Nesting container 3 piece set next.

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