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[ p r o d u c t ] no fillers, no dodgy chemicals and no synthetic ingredients

Figgy and Co Washing Powder (pre-order)

Price. NZ $30 ($30-40)

Brand. Figgy and Co [Wellington NEW ZEALAND brand]

Shipping. $5 Wellington

Smile from the planet. Priceless

Insta. figgy_and_co

Buy. www.figgyandco.co.nz

Tips. Pencil the first day of the month in your diary so you don’t forget to pre order. Pre orders are open for 4 days.

What is it?

Figgy & Co Laundry Powder is as eco-friendly as it gets. Hand-batched from washing soda, baking soda, borax, Figgy liquid cleaning soap and essential oils, there are no fillers, no dodgy chemicals and no synthetic ingredients; just tried and true natural ingredients. Their laundry powder is concentrated and effective.

Who is it for?


Why did i buy it?

I originally wanted to make my own washing powder when I moved to NZ and was searching for bulk ingredients and found local company Figgy and Co created by Jane and Aimee who have pulled together suppliers of quality DIY products from around NZ and directly from Figgy to bring this convenience to everyone. A totally down to earth duo.

After realising that my nutri bullet wasn’t going to be the right tool for the job I decided to just order the powder from them as it’s a great price and works out to be really cost effective.

My experience. how long did it last?

2kg lasts us 3 months

I love this powder, it cleans our clothes well and doesn’t make my skin itch like most supermarket brands did.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

The powder comes in a recyclable bag and box. I transfer it to my jar in the picture and use a wooden scoop.


I really love Figgy and Co- NO fillers, NO dodgy chemicals and NO synthetic ingredients and honest pricing.

See my other blog post on the cleaning paste recipe that I use from Figgy and Co.

[extract taken from the Figgy and Co website]

"We’re Jane & Aimee, two mums from health backgrounds who are looking for a better deal. When it comes to keeping our homes clean and using body products we don’t want the burden of unsafe or untested chemicals, and we don’t want to pay sky high prices for eco products. We have busy homes so its important to us that we can source our natural cleaning supplies from one place for a great price – thats our vision from us to you".

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