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'Hanako therapies' awakening face mist

Price. AUD $29.95 ($30-40)

Brand. Hanako therapies [AUSTRALIAN brand]

Shipping. AUD$5.99 (looked like the same shipping price to send to NZ also)

Smile from special person. Priceless

Insta. hanakotherapies

Buy. www.hanakotherapies.com

Tips. If you sign up to their mailing list you get 10% off your first order and their big book of crystal meditations. That will take your shipping cost down a little.

What is it?

An amazing citrus wake me up elixir using pure essential oils of the Lemon Scented Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle grounded and soothed with Australian Sandalwood. A blend to awaken, revitalize and reconnect the whole being. Honour yourself, your heart and your authentic power. Stay with yourself and listen closely to your inner knowing, the answers lie within.

To use: Spray over the crown of the head, onto the heart and soles of the feet. Then spray liberally on and around your body. Take 3 deep breaths and repeat the affirmation that comes with it. Feel yourself revitalize and reawaken.

Who for?


My experience.

I was lucky enough to be gifted this mist from my beautiful friend Hannah and I have loved it, down to every last little drop…even extending its life for a bit longer by adding a little water! I used it every morning after my shower and most days tried to say the affirmation out loud.

Affirmation: “With each inhale I feel my energy expand and radiate and with each exhale I anchor into my intuition. Divine energy flows through me and supports me in every moment. I am deeply connected, peaceful and full of vitality”.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

As I didn’t purchase this myself I found the information below on their website so believe they ship all their products in recyclable packaging. And the bottle itself was glass and I will reuse it somehow. Perhaps making my own mist although I wont be able to get it as good as this one that’s for sure! I think I will just re purchase as it lasted a long time, considering I used it every day. It’s addictive.

“We care about the authenticity of our business and our planet. Our purpose is to deliver you the highest, purist quality products and remarkable service. All Hanako products are vegan

- No animal testing

- Sustainable farming practices

- Eco friendly

- Recycled packaging

- Pure and Natural ingredients consisting of pure unadulterated essential oils, naturally derived dispersant, purified water and organic jojoba oil”.


I love it, a great gift to receive and to give to someone. They also have other lovely products on their website, affirmation cards, crystals, alchemy kits, natural perfumes…um I could buy the whole store!

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