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'Hanako therapies' Mummy and Baby kit

Price. AUD $72.95 ($60-70)

Brand. Hanako therapies [AUSTRALIAN brand]

Shipping. Free shipping for this Australia wide on all orders over $50

Smile from special person. Priceless

Insta. hanakotherapies

Buy. www.hanakotherapies.com

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What is it?

Hanako’s Mummy and Baby Kit was created for the wonderful transition into parenthood.

”I AM...Bliss” for gorgeous mummies, helps you to hold your new space as a Mummy, supporting you to keep calm, relaxed and spiritually and emotionally nourished. “Happy Baby” and “Goodnight Baby” encourage your baby feel relaxed, confident and secure in their new world. Happy Baby assists in creating a happy, calm zone during the day and Goodnight Baby helps them to let go of their day’s adventures, calm down and ultimately soothe them off to sleep.

I AM...Bliss is for gorgeous mummies, helps you to hold your new space as a Mummy, supporting you to keep calm, relaxed and spiritually and emotionally nourished.

to use: Spray over the crown of the head and liberally on and around your body, repeat the affirmation, take a deep breath, and let go.

affirmation: "I am calm, centred and at peace. I live from moment to moment. All is well."

HAPPY BABY is a blend that was developed especially for little ones and their sensitivity when new to the world. This blend helps to support their emotional balance by the essential oils and flower essences used specifically to soothe, calm and uplift their moods. It helps to provide them with a sense of personal space where they can integrate the days happenings at their own pace; and not absorbing energies and environments that may be overwhelming and stimulating, which can result in temper tantrums and crankiness.

To use: Lightly mist it over them like a soft blanket or apply to the soles of the feet to help them feel safe, happy and relaxed to explore the world. Go get em' little ones.

Alternatively spray into their room.

Affirmation: "You are safe, secure and always loved."

GOODNIGHT BABY is a blend of soothing and relaxing essential oils and flower essences that support your little one to let go of the day's adventures. Massaging their little precious feet before they go to bed has a very grounding effect and the benefits are plentiful. It is also a beautiful way to connect and bond using the power of your touch. Massaging allows the blend to soak in and work its magic making them feel safe, calm, secure and loved.

To use: For newborns, 1 drop into the palm of your hands, rub together to warm and disperse and gently place your hands on the bottom of their feet.

For 3 months and over simply place a few drops into the palm of your hand rub together and begin to gently massage into your Bubba’s little feet.

Affirmation: "You are safe, secure and always loved."

Who for?

Mums and bubs.

My experience.

I gifted this package to myself when I was pregnant with my little girl Indi and we love it. She loves getting her little tootsies massaged every night “(lucky her) and the spray for me has calmed me many times in the first few months of finding my way through the challenges of motherhood.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

The kit came in a recyclable box.

A word from the brand…

“We care about the authenticity of our business and our planet. Our purpose is to deliver you the highest, purist quality products and remarkable service. All Hanako products are vegan

- No animal testing

- Sustainable farming practices

- Eco friendly

- Recycled packaging

- Pure and Natural ingredients consisting of pure unadulterated essential oils, naturally derived dispersant, purified water and organic jojoba oil”.


This is my second product from Hanako Therapies (see my review on their Awakening Mist here which i was given as a gift ) and they are fast becoming a brand favourite. I love it, a great gift to receive and to give to a new mumma.

They also have other lovely products on their website, affirmation cards, crystals, alchemy kits, natural perfumes…um I could buy the whole store!

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