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[ s t i t c h e d ] rose quartz crystal

Hand stitched rose quartz crystal embroidery

Cost me. NZ $2 (hoop) NZ $5 (thread) NZ $1 (felt) Total = $8

Where to buy. Ebay is a great place to start for the wooden hoops (if you have time to wait for them to be delivered) otherwise your nearest craft or Spotlight store will have everything you need to get started, including the thread colours, needles and felt squares.

Smile from the planet. Priceless

What is it?

A hand stitched crystal embroidery to hang on the wall or put in a frame. Mine ended up in a wooden frame.

I searched pinterest for the perfect crystal design.


If you want a design to follow these embroidery kits from brynnandcoshop are so amazing!

They are your one stop “stitchy” shop based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Handmade Embroidered Goods, Kits, Patterns & Modern Craft supplies- such cute things and worth a looky.

Why did i make it?

I started stitching to get my mind off some things I was going through in my life. I found it so therapeutic (just as good as counselling) and relaxing and a great thing to do in front of the tv/netflix.

There are so many ideas on pinterest of what to stitch, my board stitch + embroidery is a great place to start for some inspiration if you need it.

I have created a series of 3 different cactus designs for my cousin. I will do a blog on these when they are all finally with her and at home on a wall.

I also created an embroidery for my friend’s baby girl Ruby. I stitched the constellation of her star sign (Taurus), a full moon (as it was a full moon when she was born) and her element (earth) and explained it all in stitch writing on the back- along with her name and date of birth.

Once your masterpiece is complete, this; How to ‘Back an embroidery hoop with felt’ is very handy and easy to follow for a neat finish on the back. I also like to initial the felt on the back.

Stitching is really fun and I urge you to give it a go.

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