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[ g i f t e d ] the perfect diffuser for the home

'Heartwood' ceramic diffuser

Price. AUD $132 ($100-150)

Brand. Heartwood [AUSTRALIAN brand from Perth, WA]

Shipping. Standard shipping for AUD $10

Smile from special person. Priceless

Insta. heartwoodau

Buy. www.heartwood.co.com.au

You can also buy the set, which includes the diffuser and Heartwood’s signature Indian Sandalwood essential oil for $200.

What is it?

Heartwood's ceramic diffuser is a simple object of beauty, to invigorate the mind and decorate the home.

Diffusers are one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of high-quality essential oils.

Heartwood's hand-made ceramic diffuser releases fragrant mist with optional gentle LED lighting.

The Heartwood store in Perth WA is a multi-brand wellbeing and natural beauty retailer focused on helping your mind, face and body feel their absolute best. Their mission is to help people feel beautiful.

How beautiful is that!

Who for?

Anyone you love.

My experience.

I was lucky enough to be gifted this diffuser and the 'Love blend' essential oil from my beautiful friend Nikki who actually works at Heartwood as a beauty therapist. I had been looking for a diffuser for some time that wasn’t made out of plastic and they are hard to come by so I felt very lucky to receive this as a gift.

I haven’t been to the store personally as I now live in NZ but I will definitely be paying the store a visit to get a massage and facial from my friend and to make my own personalised perfume scent. I love this concept! Such a unique idea and amazing to know that all the ingredients going into your perfume are natural.

The natural fragrances are created from raw materials of natural origin such as flowers, bark, roots, resins and woods - obtained via extraction, distillation or expression.

Heartwood have the rare luxury of using authentic Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), sustainably grown in Northern Australia. The sandalwood acts as a potent fixative, a dreamy base note and a proven relaxant and aphrodisiac due to its unique sesquiterpene composition.

Indian sandalwood oil helps to:

- Induce calm

- Enable focus

- Enhance libido

- Break down nervous energy

You can read more about Heartwood’s own sandalwood here

The make your own parfum experience is $210 per person, including the 50ml parfum, custom label and box.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

Diffuser comes packaged in a recyclable box.


This diffuser is an amazing gift for someone you love, I adore it and use it daily.

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