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[ r e c i p e ] citrus; any of a group of plants that produce juicy fruits

Home-made citrus cleaning spray

What is it? Super easy to make citrus cleaning spray

Price. White vinegar NZ $13.50 for 1 litre and cost of 2 oranges or 3 lemons.


White vinegar

Citrus peel

Optional- 1 tspn castile soap.

Optional- 8-10 drops of essential oil


Peel the skin off the citrus of your choice. I usually use Oranges. Try and only get the skin, no pulp.

Find a glass jar with a lid that can hold 500ml.

Add the peel to the jar and top it up with white vinegar. If you use the strong white vinegar I just cover the peel with the vinegar and top up the rest of the 500ml with water.

Put the lid on and stick it under your sink for 2 weeks. I usually set a reminder on my phone for when its ready.

Once the 2 weeks is up use a colander and another container (something with a pouring lip is useful) to drain off the peel. Throw the peel in your compost bin if you have one.

Grab your 500ml glass spray bottle and pour the liquid in. I use an amber glass one.

And you are done- easy as that.

If you want extra cleaning power (although not necessary) add the 1 tspn of castile soap and some essential oil drops of your choice to the spray bottle and give it a shake.

Where to buy.

I buy the strong white vinegar (naturally brewed 1L) from Figgy and co but you can get white vinegar from most supermarkets and eco stores. The one I bought came in a plastic tub but I get it refilled when I need more. You could probably take your own glass jar to your nearest eco store for refills too.

Oranges or lemons- from your supermarket or farmers market

Castile soap- I use Figgy and co Home cleaning liquid soap. Dr Bronner's do a good castile soap.

Glass spray bottle- This one or this one from Isla and Olive (NZ) or this one from The Clean Collective (AUS). Or have a look on eBay. Just make sure you invest in a glass one.

Smile from the planet. Priceless

Why did i make it?

I have been making all my own cleaning products for about 3 years now (inspired by my mum) which has been life changing. It is a process though but once you have converted you will wonder why you ever went down that cleaning isle in the supermarket. Making your own cleaning products is not only better for you, your pets, children and the environment, it also ends up being very cost effective in the long run. The main bulk ingredients you need for most cleaning products are distilled white vinegar and baking soda. Its that simple.

We have 2 cats and cats are super sensitive to toxic products so I can clean with ease knowing that where ever their paws go (and that is pretty much everywhere! little turds) they are safe. (with cats though be careful with certain essential oils i.e. Eucalyptus and Tea tree- these are not good for them).

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