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[ g i f t e d ] for her, with her, because i am her

'I am her tribe' by Danielle Doby

Price. NZ $16.19 ($15-20)

Brand. I am her tribe

Shipping. Free

Smile from special person. Priceless

Insta. danielledoby

Buy. www.thebookdepository.com

Tips. Gift direct online to your special person if you have their address.

At this stage The Book Depository don’t include messages if you buy this as a gift but hopefully they will change this in the near future- I asked them to and if more people ask you never know. In the meantime its fun for your friend to figure out who the mystery gift came from or you can post them a card to arrive separately which I like to do also.

What is it?

A clean white book filled with the most beautiful words and minimalist line drawings.

Who for?

Your girlfriend, your mother, your grandmother, your daughter, yourself.

My experience.

I thought I would share one of my favourite poems from the book that resonates with me…

The practice | letting go

my strength is not determined

by the heaviness i choose to carry

when i loosen my grip on what once was

i allow myself to experience the fullness of what is now

when i release what no longer serves me

i return to the natural rhythm of my highest Self

to be connected to Self

is to be connected to the very ground

i stand on ____ the foundation where all rises from

my past does not define all that i am

it waters my roots + prepares me for where i am going

Another favourite part of mine at the end of the book is the 'alchemy' chapter. I just love all things to do with our sun signs and elements and Danielle’s descriptions of each sign are so beautifully written.

A little snippet from the Virgo page, which is me to a tee.

"as she gets older, the stronger the call echoes for her to be outdoors.

to have the sun kiss her face. her naked limbs, skin on soil.

to remind her of the powerful connection she shares

with the earth she stands on

her heart craves stillness, and grounding. so she offers her dreams

to be held amongst the trees, inhaling the sky’s possibility and wonder…"

These words are so true for me as my partner and I have this dream of one day (hopefully soon) owing our own block of land with a tiny house on it, close to the ground, close to nature…with many trees for our cats to climb.


I bought this book for myself as I needed some reminders on how to love the self again. After losing my Dad suddenly I looked towards all sorts of things to help my grief and tools to assist me to be able to live with it. I believe it’s the hardest challenge one can face and in the depths of some of my darkest days words from this book helped me see some light and still do. When you loose someone so precious to you nothing can make the pain go away but certain things at times can soften it.

there is no greater love story

than you

in all that you are

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