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[ g i f t e d ] make it yourself

A simple home-made card

Price. NZ $1.10 (under $5)

Where. [NZ] Warehouse stationary or [AUS] Officeworks

Shipping. A stamp costs around $2 so all up $3.10

Smile from special person. priceless

What is it?

Sometimes its just one of those months or years and you don’t have a lot of spare cash but you still want to make someone feel special either on their birthday or just out of the blue. I think in this day and age everybody underestimates the value of receiving a handmade thoughtful card in the post and how much it can actually make someone’s day brighter. (and it doesn’t have to be handmade, there are so many beautiful cards to choose from out there- just be mindful about those ones that come in that stupid plastic sleeve- they make me angry and it is so pointless).

Who for?

Anyone and everyone.

My experience.

Snail mail is my favourite, I love getting cards in the post and I love sending them to people. Even making the card yourself is fun, You can pour a cup of tea, get out your favourite ink pens and think about your special person and how much they mean to you. The value of handwritten words is priceless also.

Tell them why they are your friend, remind them of when and how you met or tell them a story of something you did together that you will never forget.

I buy a piece of coloured card from Warehouse Stationary (Officeworks or similar if you are in Australia) which costs me about $1.20 a sheet and actually makes 4 cards (2 standard size and 2 mini’s) So works out to $0.30 a card! Try and find a pack of envelopes that are not wrapped in plastic. I found these natural coloured ones in a pack of 12 for $10, which worked out to roughly $0.80 each.

I have some black ink pens and like to draw different types of fruit on mine, see pinterest for inspiration on what to draw.

If you need some inspo check out my board “card illustration ideas”

If you don’t want to draw something what about hand writing a beautiful poem, quote or saying… I also have a pinterest board “script” for inspiration for this.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

Once the card is read it can be recycled or kept in a special memories book or they can frame it and put it on their wall. Believe me your special person will love that fact that you did it all yourself. If someone sends me a special card I always like to keep them. My friend Annie’s save the date wedding card is still on my fridge and I think I will frame it.


Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.

First 2 images are cards I have received from friends and the 3rd is a hand made card by me (for my mum) Pineapple

But if you really don't want to make your own, these are my two favourite Aussie and NZ brands for cards:

Hydrangea Ranger [NZ Brand]- Beautiful vintage floral illustrations printed on fine art paper. $7 NZD

Nurturing Nature Cards [AUS Brand] - Locally made (Adelaide based) plantable cards that grow native flowers $6.50 AUD

1. When you are ready to plant your card, wet it first to give moisture to the seeds before planting in soil.

2. Lay the card flat, so the seeds can grow upwards easily.

3. Use nutrient rich soil and bury half an inch deep.

4. Make sure your card gets lots of sunlight and water 1-2 times a week.

5. You will see sprouts in 2 - 4 weeks!

Image below care of Hydrangea Ranger

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