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[ g i f t e d ] the art of the natural home

The art of the natural home- By Rebecca Sullivan

Price. NZ $31.97 ($30-40)

Brand. The Art of the Natural Home [AUSTRALIAN brand]

Shipping. Free

Smile from special person. Priceless

Insta. grannyskills

Buy. The book depository


Gift direct online to your special person if you have their address.

At this stage The Book Depository don’t include messages if you buy this as a gift but hopefully they will change this in the near future- I asked them to and if more people ask you never know. In the meantime its fun for your friend to figure out who the mystery gift came from or you can post them a card to arrive separately which I like to do also.

What is it?

A room by room guide to help create a more natural home. The book is filled with recipes inspired from generations past using the most humble ingredients and most of which you can easily grow at home.

Who for?

Any one who is interested in making their own non-toxic products for in and around the home.

My experience.

I absolutely adore this book, it’s not only beautiful; the words, the imagery, the colours but the recipes are simple and easy to make. There are great resources at the back of the book on where to buy specific ingredients if you are having trouble sourcing fresh ingredients locally but my advice first would be to do a search in your local area and even on facebook as there might be someone right under your nose selling bulk goods where you can take your own containers to get filled up avoiding any unnecessary packaging and plastic. Win win.

Recipes I have tried so far- posts and reviews on these will follow:

- Fabric softener [page 24]

- Citrus all round cleaning spray [page 28]

- Toilet bliss bombs [page 31]

- Preserved lemons [page 82] *made these for my sister for a Christmas gift

- Macadamia and vanilla body butter [page 134]

- Blusher [page 156]

I actually first bought this book for myself and then again for my beautiful friend Annie. I will ask her to give a gift receiving rating on what she thought of her gift in the comments below and maybe she will share the favourite recipes she has tried.

My plant packaging rating. 5/5 stars

The item came in a cardboard envelope with no tape. Please recycle the card or reuse it.


One of the favourite books on my coffee table that I use often.

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