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Animal spirit cards- The wild unknown by Kim Krans

Price. NZ $46.11 ($40-50)

Brand. The Wild Unknown [US Brand]

Shipping. Free yay!

Smile from special person. Priceless

Insta. the_wild_unknown

Buy. The book depository


Gift direct online to your special person if you have their address.

At this stage The Book Depository don’t include messages if you buy this as a gift but hopefully they will change this in the near future- I asked them too and if more people ask you never know. In the meantime its fun for your friend to figure out who the mystery gift came from or you can post them a card to arrive separately which I like to do also.

What are they? (extract taken from the packaging)

"The wild unknown animal spirit deck is a breathtaking oracle deck and guidebook box set for self-discovery, inspired by the creatures- real and mythical- of the animal kingdom. The illustrated cards feature powerful creatures from the forests, streams, deserts, fields, and sky. Celebrate the hidden wisdom of the beings that inhabit our world and beyond, and discover how we are all connected in the giant mystery of life".

Who for?

These cards are a perfect gift for your spiritual friend or someone with a love and connection to animals. But in saying that they are also just as great for someone that might need some guidance or inspiration in their life. Any age could enjoy these, I would say from 6+ as I know a 6 year old who I think would LOVE them.

I had these on my ‘to buy’ list for a long time and after a few energy healing sessions I realised that they would help me more with my connection to the devic kingdom so they were brought forward on my list.

My experience.

Opening the package was an unreal journey for me…every little detail made me smile. The Dragon’s eye draws you in to every layer. Upon sliding the beautiful silver hologram cover off (make sure you do this around some sunlight as the reflections depicting the scales of the dragon are pretty) you then make your way to the box where you will first find the illustrated guidebook. Pulling on a silver ribbon you then get to the magic..the card deck, which is also in its own silver scaled box with more silver ribbon. Its like presents inside of presents!

I got down on the ground in my living room and mulled over each card displaying them all in front of me before reading the guidebook. It’s important to infuse your own energy into the cards to make them your own.

The guidebook is detailed and beautifully written to easily understand how to use the cards and what each one represents. I would recommend reading the book a couple of times before shuffling the deck and starting a reading of your own.

I also bought these for my beautiful friend Roisin for her birthday. I will ask her to give a gift receiving review for me in the comments below.

My plant packaging rating. 4/5 stars

The item came in a cardboard box- tick. Please recycle this. TBD didn’t get 5 stars as they could start using paper tape instead of plastic tape to seal the box. Also they could omit the plastic wine marketing card- why can’t this be made out of paper or not sent at all?


Well I couldn’t just gift these to a friend without having them myself could I! So I think that is saying something about this product. I love them.

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